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Holistic Financial Advice

With Integrated Tax and Investment Planning

At Melbrod Wealth Management, we provide ongoing advisory services for all the financial issues that come up in life. The primary goal of our approach is to integrate taxes and investments into one cohesive, long-term financial plan. By creating and implementing evidence-based, tax-efficient investment management strategies, we are able to help our clients increase their after-tax returns, make informed decisions about their financial futures, and provide for their families for many years to come.

There is no limit on the amount of communication our clients may have with us. We will schedule at least one meeting with each client every year -- usually around tax season -- but we we encourage everyone to  give us a call or stop by for an impromptu meeting as soon as a question or concern arises. We pride ourselves on offering this “on-demand” service, and it is a main reason why the children and grandchildren of our firm’s earliest clients continue to see us as their family’s trusted financial advisor.